About us

Mikumo is an Asian-American woman-owned and US-based slow fashion brand dedicated to offering cute & feminine wardrobe staples inspired by Korean & Japanese fashion and the "academia" aesthetic. All designs are original and developed by an independent designer and the founder of the brand, Tina, who is a professional illustrator and designer with a BA of Fine Arts. Mikumo successfully crowdfunded its first production run on Kickstarter in April 2022.

Mikumo is dedicated to using high-quality and sustainability forward fabrics, with an emphasis on sourcing materials with reputable third-party certifications, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycle Standard and Recycled Claim Standard (GRS & RCS), and Oeko-Tex, to ensure that our materials are responsibly produced to meet sustainability standards. Our materials include certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool, linen, Tencel/lyocell, EcoVero viscose, and more.

We are committed to working with responsible factories that pay not only legal, but living wages, ensure workplace safety, and prohibit unlawful labor and discrimination. Our two US-based factories are both located in Brooklyn, NY.

At Mikumo, we strive towards transparency and embrace our small business model. We publish periodic blogs detailing behind-the-scenes development, sharing pricing breakdowns, and more.