How to recycle your plastic packaging

We mail our items in paper and recycled plastic outer packaging depending on your shipment's size, weight, and delicacy. If you receive your item in a plastic mailer, please see below to find out how you can recycle your mailer, alongside any plastic inner packaging other plastic film that you may have on hand!

We are proud to source our recycled poly mailers from EcoEnclose, a wonderful, woman-owned company that provides a Poly Take-Back Program.

EcoEnclose's poly mailers are made of polyethylene film, frequently referred to as thin film plastic. Their Poly Take-Back Program ensures that our customers have access to plastic film recycling to keep their household polyethylene film out of the landfill.

EcoEnclose recycles your plastic film with EcoCycle, one of the country's most forward thinking recyclers in the country. Plastic film is typically purchased by manufacturers of composite lumber. It can also be reprocessed into small pellets that can go into a number of recycled plastic items.

First, Reuse The Mailers.
EcoEnclose's Poly Mailers and Bubble Mailers feature two tear strips and seal strips, so you can reuse them for returns or another shipment.

Then, Recycle The Mailers
These mailers are recyclable in any stream that accepts thin film. A small but growing number of cities accept thin film in their curbside recycling program. In most municipalities, residents should drop them off at a designated bin usually found in grocery stores or big box retailers.

Find a nearby recycling location for thin film using Earth911.

Paper shipping labels are an acceptable contaminant and do not need to be removed prior to recycling the mailer. Remove labels made with non-paper materials before recycling the mailer.

Or, Ship the Mailers to EcoEnclose for Recycling
Simply fill your EcoEnclose poly mailer with as much clean #2 or #4 plastic film as possible. The more film you can fit inside your mailer, the more carbon efficient the recycling process. Fill your mailer with these accepted items, including poly bags.

Ship your thin film-stuffed mailer to EcoEnclose for responsible recycling at:

EcoEnclose, ATTN: Poly Take-Back
416 South Taylor Avenue
Louisville, CO 80027

Thank you for caring!